Why work with us?

1.Total transparency. Absolute objectivity. True Fiduciary!

  • We never take control of your money. We always securely keep it at custodians in your name.
  • We believe in complete transparency of fees. No trailers, no commissions accepted.
  • Our advice is objective and not product driven. No brokers, no exclusive partnerships. 
  • Unlike other fiduciaries, we are trained and licensed in fiduciary standards, laws and best practices.

 2. Experience: Over two decades of industry experience: 

  • Helping C suite  executives with their complex retirement planning and compensation packages
  • Helping business owners manage their business and personal  retirement plans. 
  • Helping physicians minimize taxes and maximizing retirement savings through innovative cutting edge solutions
  • Managing investment portfolios  based on global standards of excellence.
  • Received several awards for our work.
  • Quoted several times in media and TV
  • Faculty at Rutgers University, New Brunswick,teaching over a decade.

3. Education: Bedrock of planning

We believe that education is a way to ensure that we can provide the  best advice to our clients. We invest our hard-earned income and our valuable time into continuing education and increasing our capacity to help others make informed financial decisions. We treat your money the way that we treat ours. We treat you like family.

We believe that the bedrock of sound financial planning is education .We believe qualifications and not accounts, defines an advisor.

Here’s How We’ve Helped Others… (names modified to protect privacy)

Sally and Henry came to us for a second opinion  with investment portfolios held at several brokerages, several annuities and insurance products with no strategy and were given proposal by their broker  to buy more insurance products . We analyzed their needs based on their goals and created a customized comprehensive financial plan and cost effective innovative solutions to implement them . Since we are fiduciaries, clients could see value  in our services and realized proposals by the broker was unwarranted. They were pleased to see that since we invest at deep discount ,our portfolio was much cheaper and better risk adjusted with better choices of investments..We are now managing all their investment portfolios as a fiduciary. We also suggested better alternatives to their annuities without the expense and commissions. 

Tim and Sarah were in their mid-50s and were concerned about their depleting retirement portfolios and not sure if the “advice “they were receiving was in their best interest. After we did a detailed and objective evaluation of their portfolio, we found  that the strategy recommended was not in their best interest. Luckily a risk adjusted portfolio was created before it was too late.

James and Kate were in their early sixties and getting ready to retire after working for forty years for the same organization and were not sure which retirement option  they should choose.. After an in-depth financial analysis and evaluating alternative scenarios, we recommend the one that was optimum for them and in their best interest. 

Ben, a small business owner for over two decades  wanted to find a retirement plan which would benefit him the most. We  set up a plan which saved him a lot in taxes and funded his retirement.

John, a self employed high earner physician, wanted a plan that would be ideal for him to save for his retirement and reduce his current high  taxes.We  set up a plan ideal for his situation.

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