Desired results are the product of doing the right things, every day. We’re dedicated to the process… 

We follow a prudent process and use the fiduciary standard of excellence as our guideline in managing your assets. We follow a proprietary due diligence process of selecting and monitoring investments based on fiduciary standards. 

What you can expect… 

  • Let’s get to know one another --  We’d like to learn about your goals and concerns.You’ll want to get an understanding of how we can potentially help you reach your goals.
  • Fact-finding and discovery -- We will gather information of your current situation and your future goals. We’ll analyze your situation based on your risk tolerance,  time frame and your short and long term needs.

  • We will discuss alternatives based on collaborative consultative approach and select an optimum option you are comfortable with.

  • Develop a customized RetireSmart efficient plan to achieve your goals.

  • Evaluate investment options -- We determine how best to allocate your resources over different asset classes to meet your short and long term goals.

  • Implement a plan - We evaluate using proprietary tools, researching suitable investment vehicles and we then implement an all-weather strategy to help you achieve your investment returns.

  • Monitor and review, revise and re-educate -- We meet at least annually or more, if needed, to review your portfolio progress  based on global standards of excellence and make changes as required so that you stay on track towards reaching your goals.