Step by Step Guide to Retirement Plan Success


For Businesses and Non-profits

Comprehensive Financial Planning For Business & Non-Profits | Retire Smart Consulting

For Businesses and Non-profits - We provide quality service that sponsors deserve, but lack… 

  • We help businesses reduce  fiduciary liability by providing second opinion of  their Retirement Plan Investments to help them meet fiduciary requirements.
  • We manage retirement plans and investments for small to mid sized businesses based on global standards of excellence.
  • We help non profit  investment committees and board members reduce fiduciary liability by providing guidelines for managing Investments, based on applicable laws and standards.
  • We choose funds based on your objectives. We do not push proprietary fund lineups since we are independent and not associated with any broker-dealer or investment company. 
  • We offer customized retirement plans such as :401ks, SEP, Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, Cash Balance Plans, Single employer plans etc.
  • Retirement Workshops:


To be educated is to be empowered…

According to research, stress is directly connected to lost productivity and the major cause of stress is personal finances. 

We help employers increase productivity and participation in employer plans while decreasing long term costs by providing objective and educational financial workshops.

We even offer volume discounts and offer workshops at employer worksites.

Reduce Stress. Increase Productivity. 

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